Why email marketing services have such a good ROI?


With the growing use of various forms of Digital Marketing globally, businesses use Email Marketing as an essential online marketing tool. Here we know why email marketing services have such a good ROI?

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The power of Email marketing can be effectively utilized when all business sizes see an attractive return on investment (ROI). According to a study by Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has four important benchmarks like Click Through Rate, Conversion rate, Open rate, and ROI.

The latest research on Email Marketing ROI:

When customers check an email your business sends them, with every click that takes them to your site page, you make a $44 return on the $1 investment you made on email marketing. So, on average the ROI on emails is 4000% more than any other digital marketing avenue.

According to a research study conducted by Econsultancy and Adestra, the 2021 Email Marketing Industry Census, email marketing tool is voted as the highest-rated marketing avenue to drive ROI.

We agree with what Rachel Aldighieri, Managing Director at Digital Marketing Association (DMA) tells about EM: “During a period of change for many in the marketing industry. It’s reassuring to see that email remains the central strand for any multichannel marketing campaign”.

Why email is still relevant?

  • Global reach: Almost everyone has an email address and can be reached anywhere they are located, globally.
  • Professional communication: Email is by far a more professional communication medium unlike Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, text message, where you can send surveys or feedback forms or offers.
  • Instant communication: Email is fast and instant.
  • Availability: It can be read by a recipient from any device like laptop, mobile, etc.
  • Important identification: Email is required to create an account on any website or application you register with; hence it is identification.

Good Email Marketing Campaign Example:

An excellent Email Marketing campaign is useless if you do not properly utilize its benefits. Following are the ways you can have a tremendous impact of email marketing on ROI and see a rise in worthwhile profits:

Email marketing campaigns
  • Clickable Email: It is of utmost importance that your business emails are clickable with a good punchy subject line. The customer should be compelled to click on your email because he or she is going to get something for free or discounted return, example when Alpha Sandesh send its customer’s emails with the subject line ‘free demo of 2000 emails for 7 days, there are greater chances of customers clicking the mail.
  • Excellent Email Content: Now that you have your customer looking into the email, you must mention an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide on availing the free demo, like a simple signing up procedure.
  • Call-to-Action: The most important of all is to have a good call to action at the end of your email, like “Get your free demo now and send 2000 emails in one click”.

Email marketing conversion rate:

According to the DMA, the email marketing conversion rate is around 67%, and earnings they make through emails, which on average is 25% which will directly impact the business profits.

Take a look at the best email marketing tools and features an Email Marketing Provider must have :

  • Email Design and Campaign: Free and beautiful HTML Email Templates lets you design customized, personalized, and attractive campaigns, it is especially great if you are looking for Cold Email Marketing Services.
  • Easy to export content from your existing email campaign or import it from a webpage.
  • Autoresponder: This feature registers and triggers mail for birthdays, anniversaries, promotion emails, etc. to your customers.
  • Deliverability: Delivers emails from your campaign straight to client inbox, Spam check enabled, do test emails unlimited times till you have the perfect email campaign ready.
  • Advanced Email Marketing: Email bounce tracking, Google Analytics and calendar integration, easy to create surveys and feedback forms and send them with a click, Check your emails before sending them out to customers with the preview feature.
  • Statistics and Reporting: Unsubscribe reporting, Email bounce tracking, etc.
  • Complete contact list management Offers the best Non-Opt-In Email Marketing Services.
  • Can-Spam: Emails are CAN-Spam proof so you don’t have to worry about the ‘Do not mail list’, ‘unsubscribe link’ included, removes bounce mail contacts from the list.
  • Compatible with other email clients: No matter which email client your customer uses from Gmail to Hotmail to Yahoo etc. your email is compatible with it.
  • RSS Sent Email Archive: This feature lets you see the emails sent to customers for future use.

Investment in Email Marketing:

To check ROI, your business needs a robust and affordable Email Marketing Provider, which lets you send email campaigns, bulk emails, newsletters, and mass emails and grow your business – without worrying about installing email marketing software or configuring mail servers.

Yes, Alpha Sandesh also provides you with Virtual Private Server (VPS ) services and email marketing services. You need not worry about VPS services.

​A good Email Marketing Provider offers scalable and flexible solutions to both small and large businesses, provides a unique platform that makes the delivery of emails simple, reliable, and customizable.

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