Which bulk email marketing services can your business use?


A business is like the baby of the business owner. In order for the business to grow, the owner needs to give utmost attention to attracting more customers. Therefore, you can effectively grow your business using bulk email marketing services.

Moreover, your customers are an important component in the business cycle. The more customers you have, the more your business is likely to grow. Thus, to keep this cycle function well, your business needs to partner with a bulk email sending service provider.

Why, because, the bulk email marketing service provider will help you to streamline your business and make it agile and responsive.

5 Benefits of using bulk email marketing services:

1. Efficient emailing:

Email is an important part of any marketing campaign. An email campaign can help in customer engagement and retention. It is the cheapest and efficient way to reach your business audience. An email can also help you promote your products and services, help in creating awareness about your brand, and encourage customers to purchase your services and products.

2. Email List management:

If you have a huge list of email contacts, then an email marketing service can help you sort them. You need to clean your contact list first, remove invalid email addresses, and add email ids who have unsubscribed from your email subscription to suppression lists. You can also easily segment your lists based on campaigns or location or interests, etc.

3. Create, launch and track email marketing campaigns:

You can also create personalized email campaigns using beautiful email templates. Automate your campaigns and launch them. You can also monitor and track your campaigns in real-time. This will give you a complete view of how your campaigns are doing and where you can make improvements.

4. Generate traffic to your website:

Your ultimate objective of using an email marketing service is to generate traffic to your website or landing page. You want readers to go to your website and buy a product or service. Make sure your emails are easy to read and understand. They have a friendly and helpful tone to the email content. Make sure your email content has a CTA or call to action button.

5. Increase deliverability with advanced tools:

Email deliverability is the key to a successful email campaign. When you have guaranteed deliverability, you will have a minimum bounce rate. When you use advanced marketing tools, you can achieve the best deliverability results.

Top 5 bulk email marketing services that work:

1. Alpha Sandesh: the best bulk email marketing services

Sandesh in Hindi means a message, so Alpha Sandesh was a very thoughtfully created email service for all types and sizes of business. The best part is that it can be scaled up or down. Therefore, it caters to professionals, start-ups, small businesses, and medium to large businesses. So, their plans and services are scalable to any business size and budget.

Alpha Sandesh is supported by our other services like VPS services, giving you your own email and business server which you can manage. You even get a dedicated IP address with Alpha Sandesh, and our in-house advanced and intelligent bulk email marketing software called Garuda. You can even use their contact list suppression tool to adhere to CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliance laws. Alpha Sandesh is one of the most affordable and cheap email marketing services you will find. Also, do check out their affordable pricing plans.

2. Hubspot:

Hubspot is an established name when it comes to bulk email service providers with CRM tools. The service provider is segmented to help small businesses streamline their email marketing campaigns. However, the services can be pricey and you may end up spending more in the long run.

3. Active Campaign:

ActiveCampaign is another popular name when you are looking for a service provider for mass mailing. The provider brings some really good CRM tools to the email marketing segment. They care for small to medium-size businesses, so may not be an affordable option if you are a start-up.

4. Mailchimp:

Mailchimp is a reputed bulk email marketing services provider that empowers businesses. You will find that it is free to use, yet some key features cannot be used until you buy into their plan.

5. Mailerlite:

Mailerlite brings an innovative UI interface for businesses to easily create email campaigns. It is one of the most sophisticated automated email marketing services. Therefore, it can be a little overwhelming for many people to understand its working. The plans are competitive but can be expensive when compared to other cheap email marketing services like Alpha Sandesh.


Overall, we can say that all the above email marketing services have the best features on their own. However, sometimes well-known service providers may still hold back key features like dedicated IPs, suppression list tools, easy integration with google calendar to schedule email campaigns, and more features.

Therefore, we can say that Alpha Sandesh shines bright as a trusted and reputed bulk email marketing service provider.


How can businesses attract customers using bulk email marketing services?

Alpha Sandesh is a reputed bulk email marketing service provider that can help businesses attract customers. Thus, it has the best features that can help your business boost your ROI and increase sales.

Is bulk email marketing effective in 2021?

Yes, of course, bulk email marketing is the most effective tool to use in 2021. Globally, there are 4.03 billion people who use email, and experts are predicting this number to rise beyond 4.48 billion by 2024. So, you can see the huge potential customer base that your business can tap into with bulk email marketing services.

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