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Alpha Sandesh is a comprehensive and affordable Opt-in Email Marketing services and non-opt-in Email Marketing services, provider. For your products and services to reach the right target audience, the right Email Marketing partner lets you create personalized multiple email marketing campaigns. 

This means for every $1 you spend on Email Marketing; you will receive $42 in return. Here recommends Email Marketing as one of the best ways to invest in your business for future revenue increases.

Email Marketing with Alpha Sandesh is most effective, efficient, and consistent. It will assist you in integrating successfully with other Digital Marketing avenues. Email Marketing Campaigns can be specifically created for Digital Marketing Avenues like Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, Instagram, Podcasts, etc.) and Affiliate Marketing for effective Omni-channel Marketing. Omni-channel marketing helps in processing an all-around brand awareness, create a Personalized Customer Experience of your brand and encourage Customer Feedback.

Alpha Sandesh is equipped with an interactive and easy-to-use Email Marketing Software with built-in automated bulk email marketing tools

The Tools Help You To Enjoy Too:

  • Create Email Campaigns from ready-to-use attractive Email Templates for Welcome Series Mails for New customers, New Product or Services launch, Re-engagement, Cart-abandonment or website activity emails, Trigger emails like Birthday or Anniversary emails, Feedback Forms, Newsletters, Cold Emails, etc.
  • Create flexible and best Email Marketing strategies.
  • Compatible and Responsive emails that look great and are readable on any device – Laptop, Computer, or Mobile devices.
  • Create autoresponders
  • Maintain Email Reputation by using Dedicated IPs.
  • Maintain a global email address suppression list.
  • Advanced Multiple Contact List Management and Segmentation
  • Track, monitor, and report email deliverability.
  • Monitor bounce backs, click-open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, email forward, etc.
  • Embed Images, Videos, Social Media Links, and more in the Email Campaigns.
  • A/B Split Testing multiple campaigns
  • Full-featured API to customize and integrate
  • Non-opt-in email marketing services compliant with GDPR and CAN-Spam Act (Automatic inclusion of Unsubscribe Link and adherence to recipient privacy)

With Alpha Sandesh you can enjoy affordable email marketing services that enable you to send millions of emails to your recipients, increase engagement and customer delight, build contact lists, generate interest in your brand, products, and services, boost sales and revenue growth.

Features Of Best Email Marketing Campaign

email marketing campaign

1. Deliverability

Alpha Sandesh helps in achieving email deliverability through various processes like: 

  • Segment, revise and maintain multiple contact lists that are clean and targeted. 
  • Personalized Emails that include Welcome emails to build brand reputation, engage recipients, generate leads and sales. 
  • Growing Email Lists through email forwards using customer loyalty programs or discounts. 
  • Engaging email content can be created easily with in-built Content Blocks
  • Alpha Sandesh provides you to conduct non-opt-in email marketing services in adherence to Can-Spam Act and GDPR guidelines.

Monitor and Analyse email bounces efficiently and aim to reduce them by using Email Marketing tools by Alpha Sandesh. 

  • Fewer email bounces
  • Send consistent email volumes
  • Fewer Spam complaints

A high Deliverability score with Alpha Sandesh can be enjoyed with 100% placement in the inbox, build a good email marketing strategy and increase in sender reputation. Guaranteed deliverability can be maintained with consistent Email Content and maintaining your brand’s tone. 

2. Email Security

Email Security by Alpha Sandesh is the procedure that protects all email communication that goes to your recipients. 

Alpha Sandesh is a bulk email marketing service provider that prioritizes Email security. This is achieved by adhering to rigorous Email Security Protocols:

  • Authentication of SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to protect sender and receiver from spoofing, spam, spear phishing, phishing, trojans, spyware, etc. It validates that the sender’s server is authentic. 
  • DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), 
  • DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance)
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) of Alpha Sandesh email server and client
  • SMTP TLS Server protection of Alpha Sandesh (Sender Mail Transfer Protocol is secure using Transport Layer Security)
  • All outbound and inbound emails are equipped with end-to-end encryption so that all emails are protected against hacking especially during transit. 
  • Email Spam Filters
  • Anti-virus protection and scan of every email.
  • Multi-layered email, account, and archived email protection
  • Equipped with threat isolation, advanced analytics to ensure email security, 
  • Robust Server with a multi-layer firewall that protects all business communication between your business and your customers against ransomware, data theft, domain scams, malware, etc.

Alpha Sandesh advises all its clients to educate and protect their customers about email phishing, email spoofing, etc. This will helps your business maintain a good reputation and also build trust with your customers and prospects. 

Alpha Sandesh’s robust email security empowers and protects your business against data breaches, and saves you from breaches that can cost you more than $4 million. 

3. Email Software

Best bulk email sending software, Garuda by Alpha Sandesh gives your business advanced email marketing tools. Its server is robust and uses a simple mail transfer protocol with Transfer Layer Security (SMTP TLS). 

Garuda is an intelligent mailer that is designed with a modern user interface for digital marketers to send bulk emails ensuring the best deliverability and email security. 

It has many features that benefit your business: 

  • Built-in Email Templates and ready-to-use Content Blocks
  • Advanced User Management 
  • Efficient Domain Management, domain throttling, and blocking.
  • Provide accurate statistics on email opens, click-throughs, conversions, etc. 
  • AN intelligent SMTP selector will eliminate a domain that repeatedly blocks emails and moves on to other domains to deliver email campaigns. 
  • Intelligent Bounce processor
  • Self-cleaning data 
  • Multiple list segmentation for accurate campaign targeting and to achieve better reach and customer loyalty, high open rates, and click-throughs.
  • 24/7 support to customers for queries related to the software.
  • Real-time reporting of email campaigns
  • Adhere to GDPR and CAN-Spam Act guidelines
  • Enjoy high conversion campaigns through trigger emails. 
  • Ability to handle multiple SMTP accounts, especially if you have multiple businesses. 
  • Uses AJAX for faster instant search within the software
  • Proper and advanced Email Validation 
  • Subject rotation and personalization
  • Spam check
  • Enhanced Group Permissions
  • Advanced statistics – user credit, trigger, etc.
  • Comes with a WYSIWYG editor

4. 24×7 Support

Alpha Sandesh being the best bulk email marketing agency that fully supports all our customers 24×7. Alpha Sandesh services are provided by well-trained, dedicated, and helpful representatives without disruption, and you will not have to worry about downtime. 

We follow a 24×7 Customer Support model that helps us to identify the problem and provide immediate solutions. We work towards providing a complete customer experience that is aimed to achieve customer satisfaction, customer feedback, and problem resolution. 

For any queries or enquires, clients connect us via the following ways: 

  • Email Support: As soon as we receive queries through email, our Support team transfers them to the concerned team or head. The team will send a reply to the client via email or emails depending on the nature of the query. 
  • Chat Support: Our Chat support is also very prompt, and our team is always ready to provide instant answers to queries. 
  • Feedback Form: Feedback form too is a great way to get in touch with us. 
  • Phone: Our clients are always welcome to contact us via phone too.

Alpha Sandesh also provides White Label Solutions for Email marketing for your growing business and growing your revenue. Our team takes you step by step on the journey to have your Email Marketing Platform.

Advanced Email Marketing in 2021

Alpha Sandesh is one of the best and Cheap email marketing services. It’s an advanced email marketing software, Garuda combines bulk email sending and high-tech automation tools to provide you with an intelligent email marketing service. (non-opt-in Email Marketing services)

Yet it is a simple and easy-to-use interface with a drag and drops feature, that allows users to build campaigns within minutes and send bulk emails within minutes.

We focus on the following:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns – Personalised and targeted emails – Build campaigns using beautiful templates and content blocks.
  • Build brand recognition and trust
  • Customer Engagement 
  • Schedule and send bulk emails based on customer time zones
  • Link placement – anchor links within an email or call-to-action link to your website’s or brand’s landing page.
  • Multiple Contact List Segmentation for accurate and targeted email sending.
  • Achieve Email Automation – spam filter, trigger emails, autoresponder, follow-up emails, etc.
  • Follow the funnel model of email delivery, where hard bounces and soft bounces are reduced tremendously and increased conversion rates. 
  • A/B Split Testing to assess which campaigns drive more conversions and improved user engagement.
  • Advanced statistics will enable you to track, monitor, analyze and report the status of multiple email campaigns. 

Alpha Sandesh is the Advanced Email Marketing builds a strong link between your email contact lists and revenue. whether your business is offline or online, the flow of emails will see a tremendous rise in profits. 

Businesses can scale up or down their services and products with the help of advanced email marketing tools, depending on the size of their organization and the future growth of the company.

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