Impact Of AI On Email Marketing


Email Marketing has evolved for businesses, from just being a way to communicate with subscribers and customers, but now is enabling businesses to use mail artificial intelligence to automate, monitor, analyze and report statistics. In 2021 and beyond, to stay ahead of your competitors, businesses need a smart and AI-powered email marketing service like Alpha Sandesh.

It is important to however choose an Email marketing service that has in-built AI email marketing software like Garuda, which lets you intelligently automate everything from contact lists to sending out emails.

How artificial intelligence is changing email marketing?

  • Clever Segmentation and filtering of contact lists: Here AI in email marketing comes into play by filtering contact lists and segregated under various criteria like Email opening, click-through, Enquiries, sales leads, etc. This saves you a lot of time from manually doing all this.
  • The right time to send emails: Automating when you want to send emails, like weekly newsletters on any chosen day, say every Monday at 10.00 a.m., usually people tend to read their emails that time of the day and first day of the week. Also, it is important not to bombard your subscribers with lots of emails in a day or week, they will stop opening them. Hence, send 1 email every week instead of 7-8 emails throughout the week, you will not only save time but your resources will be utilized properly. You will be able to create 1 high-quality weekly email, rather than 7-8 poor-quality emails that are not effective. Make your business AI-ready for smooth and fast email delivery and see quick results through your AI-based email marketing.
  • Efficient automation of trigger emails: Syncing your business with email marketing service and social media accounts, will let you communicate well with your customers, in the sense your trigger emails will make them feel special, this is something you must consider. Why and How? Because you can set up automation of important emails depending on triggers or set rules according to subscriber behavior or activities like upcoming birthdays, festivals or when the potential customer adds a product in the shopping cart and leaves the page without buying, a trigger email asking why they left them is good to build trust or when new customers subscribe to your emails, sending them a welcome email is important.
  • Smart analysis of data collected from customers: Specific information retrieval of subscribers based on their latest activity like recent inquiry, visitor behavior, or interest shown on social media for your business. This extra information will let you create new campaigns that appeal to individuals or a group of people, this is your golden opportunity to convert such individuals into sales leads.
  • Intelligent Personalization of promotional campaigns: Personalization is the key to content that will truly appeal to your subscribers increasing chances that they will open your emails, read through them, and buy your products or services. You have to pay special attention to how your subscribers will benefit when they buy something from you and use your business USP (unique selling point) as the focal point in your promotional campaigns. Downright you have to wear your subscriber’s shoes to think like them, what motivates you to buy anything once you know what is that quality, you can use in your campaigns.
  • Suggested content that uses clever action words: The content which you will create from the subject line to the actual email content must be compelling, use words that are asking your reader to take an action. The use of attractive images that is in sync with your content also leaves a lasting impression. People remember images, so use them.
  • Create quality emails: Quality is more important than quantity. Create quality emails with genuine information, without grammatical mistakes or spam or misleading information about your company, which will put off your readers. What is the purpose of you sending an email to your subscribers? You want to build a bridge of trust and you can build that only when you make sure your emails are qualitative rather than quantitative, no point in sending 10 bad emails when 1 good quality email can get your readers to take action.
  • Conduct A/B Split testing on campaigns: This is very important; A/B split testing in Email Marketing will let you send out bulk emails to recipients, compare them and choose the right campaigns which received positive feedback that is going to be profitable for the business in the long run. AI will change your email marketing strategy in the coming years and you have to analyze your current campaigns and implement changes for campaigns to remain productive.
  • Monitor, Track and follow incoming links and traffic: Monitor active campaigns where you can track and follow from where incoming links are originating and from where traffic is coming to your site. Most Email Marketing services that have AI embedded in them can be synced with Google Analytics for optimum monitoring and tracking. All this is essential for a business to run efficiently. There is no point running campaigns when you do not know what result they are giving out.
  • Analyze your campaigns from time to time: Analysing is another aspect of ‘campaign after care’. This is an extension of monitoring and tracking. Analysis plays an important part in the smooth running of your campaigns. Analyze the emails you send, AI in mail marketing lets you know when your emails get bounced or do not get opened or customers do not take any action even after opening. Once you know the real reason you can accordingly make tweaks in your campaigns from time to time. You cannot run the same campaign for years together. Changing the content or images from time to time brings fresh air to your campaigns.

Now that you know that Artificial Intelligence email marketing will make your business simpler, efficient, and wealthier.

​Alpha Sandesh’s is an all-in-one AI email marketing solution for your business with an interface that is intuitive and helps businesses share proactive email campaigns with potential customers more reliably and securely. Check out affordable plans and get in touch with our Digital marketing experts for a fully customized AI email marketing solution.

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