HTTPS Connection Can be Hacked Through Your Email Server


The hacking of emails and servers is the most common problem faced by businesses in 2021. In the year 2020, almost 70% – 80% of the workforce was working from home and use cloud platforms, but little did they know that their home connections were vulnerable to hacking. Did you know that statistics show that 60% of small businesses are in danger of going out of business after a cyber-attack within six months? Yes, it’s true. Non-opt-in & cold email marketing services

Let us look at Cybersecurity statistics by Verizon. In 2020, hacking resulted in 45% of breaches, malware 17%, and Phishing 22%. At Alpha InfoLab, our employees who worked remotely in 2020 during the pandemic also experienced a high number of phishing attacks via mail. However, since we used our in-house best SMTP server services for email marketing by Alpha Sandesh, the phishing attacks were not successful.

This shows that remote workers will continue to be a target group for hackers. Especially through their vulnerable email servers. This is why every business must guard themselves and their employees with the best VPS Server services. A reputed VPS server provider will give your networks complete protection with end-end encryption and TLS (transport layer security) protection.

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There are various ways a hacker can fool your email server and get access to your network through an HTTPS connection. The following are some of the ways and solutions to avoid being fooled: Non-opt-in & cold email marketing services

Failure of TLS to secure the TCP (transmission control protocol) connection:

According to Dan Goodin of Ars Technica, sometimes, a hacker can act as a middle man between a connection. For example, you are trying to login into your bank account using your bank website, say If your bank website is not secure enough or something goes wrong in the server, then a decrypted authentication cookie could be sent by mistake to the attacker. Non-opt-in & cold email marketing services

This type of attack is where a similar domain name is used to fool the TLS. If the domain name used by the attacker is say Then the TLS will confuse it to be the right one and send all genuine bank traffic to the fake bank domain name. This will allow the hacker to upload malicious code on the bank’s server. It can now hijack all the traffic to its own fake bank server causing a lot of financial loss.

HTTPS Connection Can Be Hacked Through Your Email Server

MitM attack to bypass TLS protections | Non-opt-in & cold email marketing services

Ideally, a TLS connection is supposed to be very secure as it provides end-to-end encryption of two servers connecting each other. But with a MitM attack, an attacker can bypass the TLS protections. MitM stands for man in the middle attack. Non-opt-in & cold email marketing services

So, obviously, this middle man or group can easily update login credentials or personal information on the server to mislead. When this happens, the server thinks of it as an authentic and authorized connection. This attacker can further send malware to other users on mobiles and other devices. When the malware information is received at the endpoint, the malware then corrupts and steals the all-important personal and financial information of the recipient without their knowledge.

There are a few solutions businesses and individuals can follow to keep their networks and servers safe from MitM attacks. We know that the TLS does not protect your IP address or port number. So, make sure you follow the following steps to protect your servers and emails: Non-opt-in & cold email marketing services

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  • You must make sure that your IP address is secure by using a very good VPN service.
    • Keep changing your bank passwords.
    • Avoid opening suspicious emails.
    • Use a secure and reputed Business Email Service like Alpha Sandesh with built-in SMTP service and bulk email software for email marketing that guarantees end-to-end protection.
    • Enforce ALPN protection – ALPN or Application Layer Protection Network is an extension of TLS. ALPN ensures that connection is made twice with both the servers, meaning it uses HTTPS/2 connections. This protects against cross-protocol attacks.
    • Apply for SNI protection – SNI stands for Server Name Identification which is additional to TLS. SNI is effective in ensuring that in the initial TLS handshake the domain name is identified, if the domain name is not identified as the same or there is a mismatch, then it will not initiate the connection between two servers.

Affordable Email Marketing Services.

Now that you know the above six solutions to protect your email server. It is always good to also use a reputed marketing service to ensure all your emails meet high standards. According to Purplesec, in 2017, business email compromise (BEC) scams have cost organizations $676 million. They have also shared statistics that there are nearly 70% of small businesses are unprepared to deal with a cyber-attack.

If you are a digital marketing company, maybe a small or medium-sized business, do not go for a cheap email marketing service. Is that service enough to protect you from hacking attacks? Obviously not. What you need is a robust SMTP server that guarantees end-to-end email encryption. Therefore, opt for the best and affordable email marketing services.

That is why Alpha Sandesh is the No.1 choice for our clients. Alpha Sandesh provides comprehensive and best non-opt-in and cold email marketing services to businesses. You can easily send and receive safe emails, achieve high deliverability, convert leads, drive sales and increase ROI. This and much more. A bulk email marketing service provider like Alpha Sandesh can also protect you from any server or email attacks happening in 2021 and beyond.

Alpha Sandesh provides Email security and authentication of SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance). So, it is important to protect your emails and email server. Especially, when you are sending Non-opt-in & cold email marketing services to your customers or recipients with Alpha Sandesh.

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Alpha Sandesh also has additional features like ready-made templates that can be customized to create multiple email marketing campaigns. It also comes with bulk email marketing tools that enable you to segment contacts, conducts A/B testing, monitor, track, and report bounces, and much more.

For more information on Alpha Sandesh and to know more about a secure email server, connect with our team today. To get a free trial of Alpha Sandesh services, contact our team here.

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