How to Send Bulk Emails Without Spamming and Blacklisting?


Email Marketing is a very important tool for businesses of every size and region. Many laws around the world are put in place to counter spamming and blacklisting of the source from where bulk emails are sent. When your business uses opt-in email marketing services, you can be sure that your emails do not go in the spam folder or are not blacklisted.

There are many businesses that do not follow GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for Europe and CAN-SPAM Act for the United States. GDPR and CAN-SPAM are important for businesses to follow in order to deliver emails to their customer’s inboxes. If your emails are not compliant with GDPR and CAN-SPAM, then your email is bound to go into spam and get blacklisted. Bulk Emails without spamming and blacklisting

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How do I send emails without going to spam?

The most worrying moment for an email marketer is to see their most priced email marketing campaign going straight to spam. There are many forces that determine whether your email goes into the spam or the inbox. Let us take a look at few important steps to consider:

Remove invalid Email-addresses: Bulk Emails without spamming and blacklisting

You may have more than 10,000 or more email address lists of your customers. But you need to check if those email addresses work, if they are invalid, then your emails will bounce back.

Solution: To solve this problem, you first need to do Email Segmentation. Segmentation is an important part of Contact List Management. When you are able to segment your email lists, you can separate invalid addresses and move them to the suppression list. This will help you resolve bounced emails.

Double opt-in confirmation:

When you send an initial email, it is not enough to keep your recipient interested. They have not confirmed if they want to continue to receive emails from you.

Solution: Every recipient you send an initial email must receive a follow-up email where you send a confirmation link prompting them to accept future emails from you. This is an important step and a good bulk email software for email marketing has this in-built feature, so remember to use it.

One click unsubscribe link:

Many times, while creating bulk emails, marketers forget to add the very important one-click unsubscribe link. That is one of the main reasons, their emails land up in the spam folder or their IP address gets blacklisted.

Solution: Every marketing email that gets sent by your business must have an unsubscribe link. This builds a bond of trust between you and the recipient. They will automatically know that you adhere to email compliance laws. Bulk Emails without spamming and blacklisting

Email Security:

Usually, ISPs and email servers check your business IP address against the DNS record in the SPF record. If your business email domain address corresponds with the DNS SPF records, then your email campaign is legitimate.

A legitimate service like Alpha Sandesh has a default SPF record. You can even set your custom SPF record. Alpha Sandesh provides email security and authentication of SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance).

Email spam check:

Emails also go to the spam folder because the subject line or the email content contains spam words.

Solution: In order to have a full spam-proof email, use advanced bulk email marketing tools where the email software has an in-built spam checker. So, your subject lines and email content are thoroughly checked for spam. If there are spam words, then you can replace them with non-spam words.

Use a dedicated IP address for emails:

IP addresses also get blacklisted if email servers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. see a lot of bulk emails coming from your IP address. That can be a problem, as your business IP address also gets affected by it.

Solution: There is a fairly simple solution for this problem. You must use only a dedicated IP address or address even when you use the best bulk email sending software.

Use a robust SMTP server:

Most marketers do not pay attention to hiring the best SMTP server services for email marketing. An SMTP server is specially built to send and receive bulk emails. It also comes with a dedicated IP address that is considered your mailing IP address and is different from your business IP address.

Solution: A robust SMTP server will enable all your emails to be going from a dedicated IP address or address. This also helps your business IP address from getting blacklisted.


How many emails can you send a day without getting blacklisted?

Usually, Gmail allows 1000 to 2000 emails every day, which is really low when you want to send 20,000 or more emails per day. That is why you will need email software that can help you send 20,000 emails. The trick to this is to schedule to send 2000 emails every hour, so the Gmail server or any big email server will not consider your bulk marketing emails as spam. Hence, your emails won’t be blacklisted.

What is the easiest way to send bulk emails?

The easiest and most reliable way to send bulk emails is to use bulk email marketing services of Alpha Sandesh, the best bulk email marketing agency. You can create a free account with Alpha Sandesh and send up to 5000 emails to your subscribers. If you would like to send more than 5000 emails a day, then please view Alpha Sandesh’s affordable pricing plan.


Apart from keeping in mind all the above points, you must also strive to create personalized emails. Your email list must be clean and you must never buy email lists. You must build a strong bond of trust and loyalty with your recipients.

Measure your email marketing KPI’s (key performance indicators) to understand your recipients and what they want from you. Keep your email content and frequency of sending emails consistent. Learn more about Email Privacy and adapt your email marketing plan accordingly.

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