How To Calculate Email Open Rate?


When you design an email campaign, you are looking to make headway by reaching 100% deliverability and a high email open rate. But, it is not that simple. Many trajectories decide if your emails get opened. You can calculate the open rate of email marketing campaigns by dividing the total unique open emails by the total recipients.

What is the email open rate?

An email open rate is the percentage of emails that get opened by a recipient in an email campaign. To create more effective campaigns, you should know that how to set up an email campaign.

In 2020, the average email open rate was 18% across the industries. So, if you want to get your email campaigns to be, opened there is a lot more you will have to do:

1. Keep your email list crisp: Meaning check your email list and remove old and outdated contacts from it. You can easily do this if you are using an Advanced Mass Email Platform that allows Powerful List segmentation that helps you have a suppression list if some recipients no longer want to receive emails from you.

2. Automatic email open rate calculation: You can either go with the traditional pen and paper calculation i.e., Email open rate = No. of emails read/ No. of delivered emails x 100 or simply use Alpha Sandesh’s advanced automated Statistics Reporting feature that gives you in-depth information on email bounce rates, email open rate, and email click-through rate. You will also be able to see who opened your emails and what time and day they opened them.

3. Create catchy subject lines: Your recipient must immediately get attracted to open your emails, so make sure you use clean language with as much information in short in the subject line.

4. Apt and to the point email content: If you want the recipient to open, read it to the last and click through, you must provide valuable information that is helpful for the recipient. Inserting images or an informational video can also do a lot to catch their eye.

5. Conduct A/B Testing: Conducting A/B testing is the best way to see which email subject lines could work and which would not. Especially filtering spam words in this testing phase could help you decide which words to avoid in the subject line and the email content.

6. Get the right day and time: People have special days and times to open marketing emails, so when you schedule them according to that, you will find your emails get opened. Mondays and Tuesdays are good days to send your emails between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

7. Address it personally and make it friendly: Create your subject line and email content which has a friendly tone to it. You don’t want to either sound too personal, but only address the recipient as you would to a friend. That will build a bond of trust between you and the recipient, and they will be confident to open your mail.

8. Responsive Emails: You want to reach every user whether they open your mail on mobile or their laptop. Hence, be sure to make your emails are responsive to every device.


Now that you know that there is an easier and automated way to calculate email open rates and advanced email marketing to create and send Email Campaigns using the best bulk email marketing software, Alpha Sandesh is the best bulk email marketing service, provider.

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