How to Build a B2B Email Marketing Funnel For Your Business Growth?


Business growth is typically dependent on your email marketing efforts. Is your email marketing structure robust? Are you paying individual attention to each customer? Are you filling the marketing gaps?

When your business treats email marketing as a mode to just get you new customers and retain existing customers, then your thought process is flawed. Your business needs to rewire the way each marketer thinks about each and every customer.

We at Alpha Sandesh provide the best email marketing solutions for businesses so that they have all the advanced tools to keep their B2B email marketing funnel going.

What is a B2B email Marketing Funnel?

A B2B email marketing funnel is like any other digital marketing funnel which is a trickle-down marketing system. It helps businesses send personalized emails and offers that start from the beginning of a customer’s journey and continues throughout.

How can Alpha Sandesh help in the B2B email marketing funnel?

Alpha Sandesh knows the importance of pleasing every potential customer. That is why our comprehensive Email Marketing solutions offer a wide of features:

  • Email Designer,
  • Email Campaign Creation,
  • Automated Autoresponder,
  • Advanced Email Marketing Tools,
  • Email Deliverability
  • Statistics Reporting
  • Contact List Management
  • Can-Spam Compliance.

Let us take an example. You enter a shoe store to buy a pair of shoes. You will notice for every customer present in the store, there is a salesperson ready to help. From the moment they spot you inside their store, they are eager to help you find the right pair of shoes. They will ask for your preferences, then make a few suggestions or simply bring out the best shoes they have and let you try them. When you try the shoes and are happy with them, they help you with the buying process too.

This kind of personalized marketing is what we at Alpha Sandesh aim to provide through our bulk email marketing services.

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How to create a B2B marketing funnel?

To create a B2B email marketing funnel, you must approach every potential customer personally in every funnel stage.

Top Funnel:

This funnel is where your business targets and identifies your customers. You will get as much information from them as possible, once they visit your business website. This can be done using a Feedback form or asking them to subscribe to your promotional offers or emails. This stage is crucial in building a bond of trust with your customer. Basically, at this stage, you are creating prospects.

Here, your emails must welcome the customer to your business and give them a gist of your business. At this stage, please do not hard sell, that would be a complete disaster, as your customer might think you are after their money.

Instead, send a really friendly Welcome Email to show them that you care about them. This welcome email without doubt must be personalized.

Middle Funnel:

The middle funnel stage is where you interact with your customer. You want to keep them interested in your products and services. Highlight the services and product features to your customer and offer them valuable solutions. Demonstrate to them the positive impact your business products would make on them. Basically, at this stage, you are doing lead generation.

This is where you will send a series of emails that highlight your business services and products. Keep it to 2-3 emails a week. This is a crucial stage in the funnel process, as you are slowly gaining the trust of your customer. At this stage, you may want to introduce the best ways for the customer to benefit from buying your business. You want to show concern for their problems.

For example, if you are an internet service provider, you want to show them that when the customer works from home, he/she can be assured of high-speed internet and also secure connection. This kind of targeted problem pointing and offering solution will help your business a great deal.

Bottom Funnel:

The bottom funnel is when you have convinced your customer to buy or even try your product. Once, you are successful with this, your customer is bound to convert from a potential customer to a buying customer. At this stage, you are doing conversions.

Now, this final stage calls for action. Meaning your emails must shout “Buy” or “Try for free”, “Cancel anytime”, “Money-back guarantee” etc. Your choice of words within an email will have to prompt your customer to convert or buy your product or service. You may want to send reminder emails too at this point, as sometimes, your emails may be just scrolled by.

Make it a point to use Spam-free keywords in your email subject line and content. For example, “Send out 10,000 emails per day for just $1 a day”. This will intrigue your customer to open your email and read it through. Include a CTA or call to action button or link in the middle and at the end of the email. You want the customer to take any action, like clicking and going to the landing page to buy.

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We hope that your business will be able to target, connect, generate leads, convert leads to existing customers using our B2B email marketing funnel. Alpha Sandesh brings the best internet marketing solutions for businesses. Our comprehensive email marketing programs will boost your ROI and create revenue for your business. Connect with the Alpha Sandesh expert team for competitive pricing solutions for your business.


How to create a B2B Marketing funnel?

You can create a B2B marketing funnel, by creating an email marketing campaign that targets your customers personally. Make sure you follow the three-funnel plan: Top funnel, Middle Funnel, and Bottom Funnel.

How to target B2B customers?

B2B customers can be easily tracked through social media channels. You can approach top business officials directly by following their pages on Facebook or LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can even join groups where they are members and approach them.

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