How can AI Boost Your Next Email Marketing Campaign?


Email Marketing has come a long way since 1978. It was the first time in 1978 when an email marketing blast to promote the sale of computers was sent to 400 recipients by a person named Gary Thuerk. This marketing strategy resulted in sales of $13 million. Email marketing has seen integration with numerous other marketing streams like affiliate marketing and social media marketing. To keep in constant touch with audiences, using the services of a reputed bulk email marketing service provider is very helpful for any business size. (Email Marketing Campaign)

A bulk email sending service provider brings a host of services and email bulk marketing tools that aid your marketing team to create strategist bulk email campaigns. With the latest advancements in technologies, bulk email solutions now come with AI or Artificial Intelligence integration. AI uses Natural Language Generation (NLG) to analyze and optimize the data of customers. AI brings the best cutting-edge technology to mundane bulk mail software giving a much larger scope of audience reach and increases in ROI. According to Persado, Orange used Persado’s AI-generated word services to drive 40% higher conversion rates.

Let us look at some of the ways AI can boost your next email marketing campaign:

Optimize subject lines for clicks:

A subject line is crucial to get your recipients to open your emails. When you invest in a good AI-enabled service provider that provides mass mailing services, it will give you an added advantage of optimizing your subject lines, analyzing the ones, and will give you greater success at email opens. (Email Marketing Campaign)

Analyze email opening time: (Email Marketing Campaign)

AI can collect data and analyze the days and times when your emails are being opened. This will help you to automate your emails to be sent out on a specific day and time in a week. In this way, AI will tremendously increase your chances of email opens and click-throughs.

Personalized and friendly email templates:

AI can predict the way your recipients would respond to future email templates based on data received in previous emails. Modeling your templates accordingly will help you guaranteed email opens and potential leads.

Predictive email content:

AI already knows your recipients by now and knows which keywords trigger an emotion or which email content could see their action to buy a product or service. Like when you type a message, predictive texting is on and lets you quickly type a message on your mobile. In the same way, in email marketing, a mass email platform with AI helps in predicting the best possible content scenario that could trigger a buy or inquiry.

Automated follow-up email series:

Follow-up email series is a great way to keep in touch with your recipients every week or month. This can be efficiently achieved with AI, as it can predict the way the email series could help in turning potential leads into buyers. When AI automates the email series, it will help you to give more time to actual business sales and other forms of marketing efforts. Email Marketing Campaign

Optimization of targeted special deals or offers:

Very often to keep your recipients or customers motivated to buy your products, you could also take help from AI. Optimizing special deals or offers based on recipient gender or location or age could help you market your products accordingly. For example, you are an eCommerce website selling baby powder and you have given discounts to customers who buy the product and avail the discount. AI will accordingly select customers based on previous cart history or if they mentioned in an earlier product survey that they have a baby. This way you can specifically target a group of customers and achieve higher sales turnover.

Retargeting emails:

When you use mass email services, you want more than just sending initial email campaigns, you want to retarget your audience. Amazon shopping App and web portals use AI to know if a customer has added products to their cart. After 2-3 days they send a retargeted email reminding the customer to buy the product before the discount offer finishes.

A/B testing: (Email Marketing Campaign)

A/B testing is such a great tool to see which campaigns will work and which won’t. Imagine the extent of success you will see when AI is backing this tool. You will see accurate results in mass marketing email services with AI analyzing your campaigns and can efficiently point you to the best possible scenario. Email Marketing Campaign

Clustering or segmenting customers:

Clustering or segmenting customers using AI, based on a common interest or location, or age can highly help you tailor emails that will hit on the bull’s eye. (Email Marketing Campaign)

Future customer scenario: (Email Marketing Campaign)

With AI, you can even predict which customers are likely to stay with your business in the future. AI will run algorithms on your customers and once you have gathered this information, it can predict easily. This will in turn help you to segment your customers based on high loyalty to low loyalty categories. This will help your micro-manage your customers and accordingly create segment-wise strategies and customer-centric content.

High Deliverability:

When you use Alpha Sandesh, a bulk email service in the USA, they guarantee high deliverability. But how? Their AI software tools conduct a deep analysis of every email you send, even if it was an email blast of 20000 or 1 lakh. They conduct advanced email bounce management, where bounced emails are monitored, reported, and analyzed. Soft bounce rate and hard bounce rates are analyzed and you can even know why the emails got bounced. Was it a domain block or an invalid email address etc?

Impact Of AI On Email Marketing

A bulk email marketing service provider like Alpha Sandesh is your ideal email partner to generate leads, drive sales, and maximize ROI. Upgrade your strategy with AI and see amazing results. To enjoy a Free Trial of Alpha Sandesh’s affordable and cheap email marketing services, or for more information on Alpha Sandesh, connect here.

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