Future of Email Marketing in A Growing Digital World


The future of email marketing is bright and pretty exciting. Your business is enabled with super powers when you can include your emails with some awesome and special features, like digital technology. Alpha Sandesh is one such digitally-enabled email marketing service that caters to every business size and industry.

According to Statista, it is estimated that 4.3 billion global email users will be there by 2023. This shows that to grow in the digital world, Email marketing will need to adapt to new technological advancements. For example, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud-based email solutions and more.

Future of Email marketing:

AI in Email Marketing:

Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing is a great piece of innovation that is revolutionary. When you have bulk email marketing service that is intuitive, then it means that whatever email marketing tools you use are going to predict your customer’s reaction.

Artificial Intelligence enables Email Marketing to be interactive, and agile. You can easily super target your customers and keep them engaged with efficient tools at hand.

Rise in Mobile Usage:

Your purpose of Email Marketing, must be to produce responsive email design for mobile users. This can tremendously help in increase in conversion rates. Conversion rates can determine the actual profits made by a business.


When you personalize emails, you are connecting personally with your customers. Your emails must address any issues you may think they might face. For example, if you have a food delivery service, your customers would love to know if you can deliver them ice cream within 15 mins, and that too without melting. When you personalize your emails to cater to individual customers who order ice cream every week. Then providing them with valuable information like this, could be an excellent way to create a bond of trust.

Email Animation:

Email animation is very fancy to look at. So, have gif images or may be adding an animated banner ad or embed a video into your email could help customers stay loyal to you. Animation brings your emails to life and in turn keeps your readers and customers interested.

Digital Integration:

Digital integration is to integrate other digital platforms within your email. For example, embed links to your social media accounts, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. This helps your customers to have an alternative mode of communication with your business. They can get quick updates, new sales information, etc.

Benefits of Future of Email marketing:

There are many benefits of future of Email Marketing, they are:

1. Drive traffic to the website:

Emails have always been used for the purpose of driving traffic to the website. So, the purpose is still the same even if we are looking at the future. Your emails must be informative and fun to read. There must be clarity about the intent of your email to your customers. Are you trying to sell a product or want them to be aware of a new service you have started or a new collaboration? Your email must also lead the reader to your website landing page where you have a follow-up information about the topic you are touching.

2. Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness is an important part of building your business strong. When your readers hear about a brand once, they may not relate it to immediately. However, when you make your introduction emails for the purpose of offering valuable information, then you are going to stick in your reader’s mind.

What can you offer to your reader? Are your products and services competitive? If you are able to answer these questions, then you are on the right track.

3. Customer Delight:

When customers are happy to receive your emails, then you are right on track. Most customers love receiving discount and sale emails, especially if they trust your brand. So, if you have that kind of relationship with your readers, then you can make your emails more interactive.

4. Drive Revenue:

Some businesses aim to send emails to their customers to drive revenue. Email marketing is a good marketing strategy to get across your customers to buy something at once.

You may want to provide something free in return, for example, a free Ebook, free samples, etc.

5. Customer Engagement:

Customer engagement is another important benefit of email marketing. When you are focused on getting your customers to interact with you, you are doing the right thing. Keeping a good customer support team for your business is crucial to keep all your customer needs a priority. Prompt email support is key to get every customer satisfied and happy.

Conclusion: Future of Email Marketing

Therefore, it is important to use the best cold email marketing services for your business that also believes in future email automation. Your customers are an important part of your business journey. Including them in your future plans, even letting them know about what innovative ideas you have to expand your business, could help them to have more faith and trust.

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