Email Marketing Tools To Save Your Time And Money


Email Marketing tools are one of the best ways to save time and money for your business. There are hundreds and even thousands of tools available online. But, you may not know which are the best tools to use. Moreover, you may also not know which email marketing programs have these tools.

Therefore, we at Alpha Sandesh have outlined the right and best email marketing solutions for your business. In this edition of our email marketing blog, we will look at the different tools available and how to let them work for your business.

5 best Email Marketing Tools:

When we talk about email marketing tools, we are not talking about solutions here, rather the features which will help you maximize revenue. Bulk email marketing services provider Alpha Sandesh provides the best tools for businesses to improve their emailing techniques and boost their revenue.

1. Create templates for email campaigns: Email Marketing tools

An email marketing campaign is an important engine that drives your business products and services. Hence, you need to do create a campaign that is providing valuable information to your customers. You must have clear guidelines on why you are creating the campaign. For example, is your purpose to simply increase awareness or to launch a new product, or remind customers to buy something they added to the Shopping Cart.

Once you have made the purpose clear, your customers will know the intent of the email they received from you. So, your aim must be to keep the campaign content easy to read and understand.

It is also important that you have a call to action inside the campaign, urging and encouraging your customers to click it and do the next step. Where it is to subscribe for your email or buy a product or like your social media page. Also, make sure all the links work and the images can open in any email software.

2. Segmentation of contacts:

Your business may have hundreds or even thousands of email contacts. However, many email addresses may be invalid or redundant. So, you need to check and segment your contacts based on the campaign you are going to run.

Targeting your contacts based on their interest or location will ensure your business is sending the right message to the right audience. For example, your business will soon be launching a product in a particular city. So, if you segment your contacts based on their current location of the city, then you can target them with this city-specific product.

3. Email Bounce Detector:

When you do send out email campaigns, many times, you will face the major problem of low email deliverability rate and high email bounce rate. With Alpha Sandesh’s advanced email marketing tools, you can check the email addresses that bounced the emails and you can accordingly manage your contact lists.

Your main aim here would be to keep the deliverability high and the bounce rate very low. With Alpha Sandesh, you can ensure that the emails are checked for spam words and removed before sending, the IP address you use is dedicated and you only use a reputed SMTP server.

4. Statistics and Reporting:

Tracking your emails, checking the statistics, and reporting them are other important elements for a successful email campaign. So, the email campaigns must be checked for their success and that is where Alpha Sandesh’s advanced tools and features are useful. You can also see the best way to see the extent of social sharing, do A/B split testing, inbox preview, autoresponders, and triggered emails.

5. Evaluation of revenue generation:

Your campaigns may tell you statistics and the different percentages to tell who receives your emails. Who clicked through to the landing page, and who bought a product? However, the main aim of your campaign must be to ensure high revenue generation. Therefore, if the revenue you are making with a campaign is costing you more than the actual cost of the campaign. Then your campaign is not working. You may need to make changes. For this purpose, the A/B testing tool is very effective.

Conclusion: Email Marketing Tools

Bulk email marketing services by Alpha Sandesh guarantee high email deliverability. Our expertise is in providing internet marketing solutions for all business sizes. We adhere to provide businesses with customized email marketing programs that are affordable.

You check our affordable email marketing pricing plan and also connect with our team to know more. Alternatively, you can also sign up to get a free trial.

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