Email Marketing After COVID 19 – 7A Marketing Strategy That Works


The impact of covid 19 on brand advertising and marketing 2021 has been tremendous. User engagement has increased with many opening emails and buying online. This immensely helped email marketing after covid 19. The pandemic also increased the online sales of many retail outlets, especially groceries and essentials. In comparison, unsubscribes were bottom low, which is great news for marketers.

How did covid 19 affect email marketing?

Many companies accelerated their email marketing strategy during and after covid 19. However, the post covid marketing campaigns changed. Let us look at some common changes across industries:

  • The search keywords of users changed and marketers were very smart in adapting to these changes. Therefore, emails now include the covid sensitive keywords which helped open emails and a rise in click-throughs is observed.

  • The volumes of online shopping increased. So, people were shopping bulk items.

  • Many businesses who had ditched email marketing earlier seem to have come back to it. Thus, demand for Bulk Email marketing solutions increased.

  • Work from home pattern and series of lockdowns forced businesses to use email as the primary mode of communication with their customers.

  • Many new online businesses emerged to provide exclusive online services and products. Like Virtual event organization for business conferences.

  • Use of social media platforms increased user engagement and helped in email marketing campaigns.

Future of email marketing after covid 19:

When we look towards the future, we can see various ways to overcome the marketing challenges during covid 19. So, now many website businesses are not afraid to use out-of-the-box marketing strategies despite this pandemic situation.

7As of email marketing after COVID 19:

Now let us look at the 7As your business may apply in strengthening your email marketing strategy:


Is your business able to adapt to the ever-changing customer needs and wants and expectations? Are you able to create products and services that can adapt and become agile? Your email marketing campaigns must be able to foresee in advance the trends in the industry and how customers react to these trends. Are you personalizing emails to reach them in a better way?

Adoption of Technology:

Technology played a very important role during the pandemic and is continuing to do post covid. Is your business using the best technology to connect with users? Are you available to address customer queries via social media quickly? People are using social media websites and social apps like never before.

Are you adopting more advanced technology? Like tap into voice search technology which many use like Alexa, Google Home, Siri, etc.


Are your products and services affordable? As work from home became the latest normal, are your products affordable to such users? When you offer affordable products that are top quality, your users will reach out to you. Are your campaigns sending this message across? If not, then you have to work on this aspect.


Are your products and services accessible by everyone and at any time? If not then you will need to work on this. Are your emails reaching your users at the right time and right day? Schedule and sync your emails to go at the right time when you have the maximum email opens and click-throughs.


When you are actively reaching your users, you must also actively address their queries. Does your campaign offer customer support? Highlight in your campaigns the best way your support team can solve user problems. Do you provide quick replies to email queries? If not, then you will have to create a proactive team that can reply to customers via email, WhatsApp, or via Facebook company pages.

Aim or Purpose:

The main aim or purpose of your email marketing plan must be outlined. This is important to keep your business in the right direction. Are your email campaigns to increase user engagement and getting traffic to your landing pages? Is your email marketing campaign meant to increase revenue? Are you building a new email list and that is why you need an email campaign? Therefore, setting out what you want at the start of the campaign will make your work easy.

Advanced Marketing:

Advanced marketing strategies can help your business very much. Is your campaign monitored in real-time? Are you using an advanced email marketing service that is AI-enabled? If that is what it takes to get your campaign and business to run at full speed, then you must aim to use an advanced email marketing partner.


In conclusion, we can say that email marketing after covid 19 needs to be proactive and adaptable. Businesses must aim to adopt new technologies, advanced marketing tools and be able to address user needs efficiently.

Personalization that is able to reach your users to result in higher engagement will help boost your business ROI at the end of the day. Your campaigns must be agile and offer what no other business can offer. Thus, that is what will set you apart from other businesses.

How effective is email marketing in 2021?

Email Marketing can be a very effective way to communicate with users in 2021 if done correctly. Use advanced email marketing tools and build a campaign around your user’s needs. So, this is one of the best strategies to use.

How can I schedule automatic emails to users?

You can use the Autoresponder feature of Alpha Sandesh to schedule automated emails to your users and customers.

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