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Many businesses still feel that bulk email marketing services can be very expensive. And that you may not be able to afford them. Well, there is good news. We at Alpha Sandesh provide high-quality, yet cheap email marketing services to our clients. We have helped numerous businesses create successful email campaigns.

What are bulk email marketing services:

Bulk email marketing is mainly sending out bulk email adverts of goods and services provided to their clients. The objective of bulk emailing is to maintain relationships with customers. Also to add more customers, and eventually, increase sales.

Bulk email marketing services are fairly less than other marketing techniques. Email Marketing also boosts ROI (return on investment).

As part of bulk email marketing services, email campaigns form an important part. So, let us take a look at an email campaign.

What is an email campaign? Bulk email marketing services

An email marketing campaign is a series of coordinated emails, kind of like a theme. These are sent as individual emails to customers over a period of time. Email campaigns have a purpose and that is the central theme of the campaign.

For example, if your business has set a purpose to increase the number of customers. Then you can create a new campaign for it. So, here you can have two sets of email campaigns. The first for potential customers and the second for existing customers. You can have the first campaign where the emails are sent for the purpose of engaging with new or potential customers. Here you can introduce your business, your products, and services, the benefits of using your products, etc.

Whereas the second campaign is where you are requesting your existing customers to spread the word about your business. When they do that, your customers in return can avail a discount on your products and services, the next time they shop in your store. This is usually termed a Refer a Friend campaign. Therefore, from this, you know how email campaigns work.

So, it is important that each and every email of the campaign is aligned with the purpose of the campaign. The campaigns must appeal to your end recipient. It must also include a short and sweet message with a clear call to action (CTA). The CTA must also lead the customer to the landing page, which is clear and shows the customer what to do.

Once you have created one campaign, you can create multiple campaigns to run simultaneously. However, it is also important to manage such multiple campaigns. That is why Email Campaign Management is very important.

What is the difference between an email and an email campaign?

Single emails are just sent once for the purpose to promote a product or a newsletter, etc. Whereas, an Email Campaign is a number of emails that are pre-determined to be sent out at a specific time or day. Each of the emails in the campaign is well crafted for a specific purpose or theme. Thus, email campaigns are more effective than a single email.

What is email campaign management?

Email campaign management is to manage various activities related to building and designing a campaign. You can also easily segment targeted contacts and send out the campaigns to them. Also, you create leads and follow up on them. Each and every activity is interlinked to each other and must be executed properly.

Alpha Sandesh has all the advanced tools and features for efficient Email Campaign Management.

How to write a good Email Campaign?

You can write a very good Email Campaign if you follow the below steps:

  1. Take non-opt in email marketing services of Alpha Sandesh.
  2. Use your brand name and email address to send the campaigns from.
  3. Set a theme or purpose for the Email Campaign.
  4. Write a brief subject line without any spam words.
  5. A compelling email content in all the emails must be interlinked and must have a flow to them.
  6. Remember to add a Call to Action that is easy to locate in the emails.
  7. Make sure you use Alpha Sandesh’s Advanced Email Marketing tools.
Benefits of an Email Campaign: Bulk Email Marketing Services
  1. Send Targeted Messages to add new leads or engage with existing customers.
  2. Measuring Email Marketing efforts is easier and can help understand the value it adds to the business. You can also make improvements based on the statistics of the campaigns.
  3. Make customer relationships stronger, whether you are a B2B or B2C business. Your customers have your brand in mind. And you are able to initiate communications with them.
  4. Brand awareness brings your business under a new spotlight. Your marketing efforts will see through. And your customers will have a deeper knowledge about your products and services.
  5. Increase in sales is evident through a good email campaign. You can reach your leads quickly and also have a glance into the other areas or avenues you can interact with them in.


Therefore, Email Campaigns are an important part of a business lifecycle. Alpha Sandesh’s reputed Email Marketing Services can help your business reach your audience at the right time and with the right message.


What are email campaigns used for?

Email campaigns are an important part of Email marketing automation. It is a part of a business marketing lifecycle. An email campaign can be short-term or long-term depending on the purpose or theme of the campaign. An email campaign can be used for different purposes. For example, promoting products, the launch of a product, business acquisition, etc.

Are email campaigns effective?

Email Campaigns are highly effective if done using the right tools and with the right attitude. Your business must view each campaign as an important task and accordingly execute them. Also, use a highly reputable Bulk Email Marketing Services partner like Alpha Sandesh. We can help you create campaigns that bring new leads and increase sales. 

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