Best Email Marketing Services help in Eight ways to Automate Cold Emails


When you send out cold email campaigns using the best email marketing services, then your business will see steady growth. With automated cold email campaigns, you can continue to reach new customers, without worrying about click-throughs.

Alpha Sandesh experts say that when cold email campaigns are automated, you can see up to a 5% rise in cold email open rate. Which is not bad at all!! When automating your cold emails, there are some factors that can influence the success of the campaign.

Best email marketing services – Steps to successful cold Emails:

1.     Accurate and updated Customer Profiles:

Your prospective customers or recipients’ behavior and interests are changing every day, especially after the pandemic. Therefore, you must have clear, accurate, and updated information about your customers. An effective way to retrieve such information is using a survey form. When you send out a survey to your would-be customers, you will know about their priorities in terms of solutions or services they seek. Once you get their information back, analyze it and update their profiles. When you have created target profiles, you can send target emails that have high open rates between 14% and 23%.

2.     Personalized emails:

Receiving an email addressed to only you are such a relief, even if it is a cold email. You are not just addressed as “Hi there” or “Hello dear member” etc. In the same way, if you can write personalized greetings to your clients, it is impactful. Personalization is not just addressing your recipient by name, but also includes what you know about them. Highlight what you could understand about them and their needs from the earlier filled survey you had received from them. This shows that their valuable time to fill the survey was worth doing and you are going to provide them with a solution!!  

3.     Brand validation:

Your brand identity and validation are important steps to tell your recipients about your company. What it does and what solutions and services could benefit them. Building a connection of trust is important since you don’t want them to think that your business is a scam or fake. So, validate your brand with some newsworthy information or achievements or accolades or certificates your business received in the past or your future participation in something that adds value. All this helps your recipient trust your brand and any further emails you send out get opened, read, and even clicked-through. When you personalize emails according to each customer profile your reply rates will increase by 100%.

4.     Highlight problem:

In marketing, pain pointing is an effective tool to get the attention of your audience. This can also be applied to cold emailing. Highlight the pain points for your customers, let them know how serious it could become, and quantify the loss they would make if they continue this way. The loss can be in revenue or losing existing customers or stagnant growth etc. You can devise a problem around the services and products you provide.

5.     Offer a solution:

There is a solution for every problem and that is why quantifying your problems is so important. When you offer a viable and quick solution to customer’s problems, you are inviting them to try your products and services. This is an important chance to give them an extra bonus of reduced fees or an extra service or product thrown in etc. A solution must give them a window to improve their business and make it better.

6.     Short and to the point email:

Short emails that are to the point are always a hit with cold emailing. Assume that your recipients do not have time to read lengthy emails. Just stick to the main points and make it as short and sweet as possible. There is no point beating around the bush, it will just make the email long and boring. So, keep the email short. We have tried and tested our cold emails, and emails with 900 – 1000 characters will receive up to a 7.5% response rate.

7.     Templates must be avoided:

In cold emailing templates won’t work. You don’t want the email to come across to your recipients as a monotonous and generalized email. Since you have made every effort to personalize your email, validated your business, highlighted a problem, and offered a solution, why let this hard work go to waste with a template. So, please avoid templates, just personalize each email according to your recipient’s interests and needs.

8.     Follow-up emails:

When you follow up with another email, you are making sure that your recipients must have thought about your solution. The follow-up email is there to get them to admit that your solution was good or may need some changes. Getting a reply to this follow-up is crucial and a step close to making a sale. So, keep it short and simple. Do not make a sales copy, this will deter your customers and they may think that you just want to sell them your products. Instead, keep the tone subtle and persuasive, but do not ever use the words, buy this now, etc. Instead, you can suggest that you are interested to make an appointment to meet them in person, if possible, to further discuss the solutions you have offered. Be assertive, not aggressive.

Benefits of best email marketing services:

Your cold emails are going to get positive and successful results when you use Alpha Sandesh’s eight automating email steps. There is so much scope in cold emailing if it is done write with the help of bulk email marketing tools and with the right intention. Your motive to send cold emails must be to engage with new audiences and not to sell them at once. When you automate your emails, you will see that your click-throughs will increase and your sales will also gradually see a rise.

Cold emailing can seem a long process, yet the results are exponential. For more information on non-opt-in email marketing and bulk email marketing services, connect with Alpha Sandesh today.

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