5 Tips to Reach C-suite Audience Through Bulk Mailing


If you are a B2B company, then reaching the right audience is very important when you are using a bulk email marketing services provider. But, do you know who your audience is? Yes, you are the right C-suite audience of an influential and important group of persons in a company. These C-suite audiences are CEOs, CTO’s CFO’s and more. If you know your audience, then why is bulk or direct mailing not showing any results? 

Alpha Sandesh, a bulk email service provider in the USA, has a mix of clients, both from B2B and B2C companies. What struck us the most is that B2C companies have a very straight approach to reaching their audience and they are successful. Whereas, B2B companies see it as a complex affair to reach their audience directly and that is where they go wrong. 

Another roadblock that many email marketers face is the deliverability of emails. Usually, C-suite audiences use quite robust and best company email software that keeps bulk mails at bay and acts as a gatekeeper in only allowing selected emails in the inbox. Just sending out bulk email campaigns without any plan is going to be waste of time, money, and resources. So, you need a strategic approach to this problem.

At Alpha Sandesh, we follow 5 simple, yet effective rules to help reach our C-suite audience. 

It’s time we share the 5 tips to reach the C-suite audience through email bulk marketing:

  • Search for new C-email recipients:

    Searching for new email recipients can be a task that could seem farfetched. But there is a way to get those gold email addresses. You have to become innovative, like looking for C-suite email addresses in the right places like company annual reports, press releases, company social media feeds and LinkedIn likes, comments, and shares. It is also good to call up the company directly to verify if the information you have collected is up to date, you don’t want to mess it up. 

  • Know what C-audiences need:

    You need to research about the company and your recipients before you understand what your audience is looking for. Which service or product of yours will they benefit from? Once you have an answer to that question, then you can accordingly create a campaign. Just keep in mind that all C-recipients may not have the same requirements, so do not generalize their needs. Look out for their comments on social media about a problem or problems their business is facing, so dig into it. Bang, you have figured out their problem. 

  • Stand out with an apt subject line in the inbox:

    C-suite audiences are busy with meetings, phone calls, and bombarded with emails. So, your email subject must be apt and must give a gist of what exactly lies inside the email. Make sure you highlight their problem or what solution you are offering for their problem. Your email subject line must stand out, otherwise, it will be lost in the ocean of emails. Your first preference of sending your emails must be Tuesday and your second preference can be a Wednesday. Make sure you send your emails around 10:00 a.m., as most emails get opened between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Once you send out emails on the right day and time, you will be surprised by the rise in email open rates. 

  • Personalize emails with high-quality subject lines and email content:

    When you want to grab the attention of your C-audience, make sure you address them personally and with high-quality content. Your subject line must reflect that, and so must your email content. 

  • Be direct, keep a professional tone, introduce yourself and your company, 
  • Tell them where and why you found their email address, 
  • Let them know what prompted you to send them an email (highlight their problem) and 
  • Provide them with a solution (your product or service)
  • Leave your direct number, so that they can connect with you. Most often they do. 
  • Ask for a personal appointment and ask if you could be part of their network. 

Be persuasive but not aggressive. You do not want to put them off. You need to be subtle, do not be tempted to become sales. 

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  • Offer corporate gifts in your follow-up emails:

    Everyone loves gifts, and your typical C-suite audience is not that different. Offering corporate gifts like Coffee mugs or personalized pen sets or a health and safety set like face masks and sanitizers (a great post-COVID-19 corporate gift idea) is a great way to keep them interested. This can be initiated in the follow-up emails. Do not think of it as a bribe, you are just making sure they are in the loop.

The bottom-line to remember is that your C-suite recipient is unique, unlike your regular recipient. So, you must aim to gain their trust with intelligent, engaging, and thoughtful communication. Your aim must be to become their strategic partner in solving their corporate problems. Once you are in their inner circle or network, you are sure to build more connections. High C-recipient = High connections. 

Bulk Mailing works with a C-suite audience

Bulk Mailing works with a C-suite audience, so keep your mind open. You can conduct A/B testing to see which campaigns will work and which won’t work. You need to minimize email bounces. Once you have the secret formula, you are in for a huge bonus of C- contact lists that are easy to segment and manage. 

Do not worry about ROI, your rewards will follow. You can turn your regular email bulk marketing strategy to work as a Direct mailing strategy when it comes to C-recipients. You need tailor-made bulk email solutions that are equipped with advanced email marketing tools and Statistics and reporting to measure the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). 

Alpha Sandesh is a global bulk email sending service provider that offers well-devised email solutions for B2B and B2C clients. Our email solutions and pricing plans are scalable, reliable, and affordable and can be customized according to our client’s needs and budgets. You can get your Free Trial of Alpha Sandesh services by creating your account here and start the journey to your C-audience inbox today. 

Want to know how Alpha Sandesh can help with C-suite Marketing? Drop Alpha Sandesh an email or leave a comment on our Contact Page and our specialized team will get back to you. 

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