10 Simple Ways to Find Targeted subscribers for your Email Campaign


An Email Campaign can be enthralling for a business looking to boost its audience. However, many get it wrong, simply because they do not have new target subscribers.

10 simple ways to find new target subscribers for your email campaign:

You can ideally leverage the social media channels to a great extent to build a new target audience.

1. Call to Action on Social Media Pages:

Your business social media pages are a great place to place a call to action for the email subscription. When you write the business description, make sure you add it there.

2. Business Facebook Profile Cover Photo:

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform for all age groups. Here you will find the right target audience for your email campaign. So, make sure you make your Facebook Profile as attractive as possible. Include a picture of your email subscription as a profile cover photo. This is a great piece of information for interested audiences to reach out to you themselves.

3. Online Contest on Facebook:

Who doesn’t love contests? Did you know that 78.4% of contest shares are done on Facebook? Well, online contests on Facebooks are a great way to spread brand awareness and also reach new target subscribers. Just ensure you have a lucrative prize at the end of the content for the winner.

4. Create a Twitter Campaign to boost the email campaign:

Your Twitter account is not just for tweets. You can actually boost your email campaigns using it. For this, you can create a Twitter Ad campaign to promote your business. Include your email subscription form link in it.

5. Infographics on Pinterest:

Pinterest is another great place to place the best information about your business. An infographic is a great piece of content where you can include the email subscription link. The content and images must be attractive and informative for anyone to click on them.

6. YouTube Video Channel:

Anyone can watch YouTube videos for a long time. So, have you tried your hand at creating YouTube videos? When you have your YouTube channel, the most important thing to do is to create a channel description. So, include the link subscription in it. Moreover, for each video you upload on your channel, also include the link to subscribe. So, this way, every video of yours has a call to action.

7. Instagram Business Profile:

Instagram is no just about pictures. You can attract a larger persona of potential subscribers through this. So, especially, keep a track of active followers who comment or like your posts. Moreover, you can create special campaigns for them and encourage them to share your posts.

8. LinkedIn Business Page:

LinkedIn is a business platform, yet you can make new target subscribers here. Encourage your employees to share your business profile page with their contacts on LinkedIn. Another great way is to let your employees include the subscription link in their current job description.

When you also create a job vacancy, LinkedIn automatically adds the job seekers to your follow list. This is a great opportunity to target these new followers to become potential new subscribers.

9. Website Blog Page:

The company website blog page is the main page where you want your readers to go and subscribe. Thus, your blog page and every piece of the blog article you post must have the subscribe link.

10. Host an Online Webinar for the email campaign:

Online webinars are underrated. However, we at Alpha Sandesh find them very handy. Webinar participants leave their email addresses as entry logins to your webinar. This way, you have their email addresses and also give away valuable information during the webinar.

How to get your target subscribers to opt-in for your Email campaign?

So, you have a raw target list and Alpha Sandesh can help you with non-opt-in email marketing. Meaning, once you have the target subscribers in your list of prospects. The only thing left to do is to get your non-opt-in list to convert to opt-in list. This is crucial for your email marketing campaign. So, here are some easy and proven ways to do it:

  1. Your first email must have an enticing headline. The reader must be compelled to open your email.
  2. Make sure the description is informative and provides a gist of how they will benefit from your emails. Highlight the best products or services you offer.
  3. Let the images in the email attract and relate to your reader. For example, if it is a new E-Book you want to promote, then have a picture of it here.
  4. It is good to keep your opt-in form as simple as possible. So, just a full name and email address is enough to start with.
  5. Just make sure you add a prominent Subscribe Button at the end of the email. So, this will make sure your readers do not miss this call-to-action button.

Therefore, finding a new target audience is easy and worth trying for. Moreover, it is free to try all the above ways.

For more information on how to start out with bulk email service, connect with the Alpha Sandesh team. Alpha Sandesh is a reputed bulk email marketing service provider for all business sizes.

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